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At Källbergs, we dry Swedish eggs in Sweden, and that’s something that sets us apart. In addition to high demands of quality, our customers come to us when they require the raw materials to be of Swedish origin or that there be special forms of housing for the laying hens.
We mainly produce and handle dried products, but we handle some liquid egg products too.




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We are unique because we are the only company in Sweden to produce dried egg products.

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An integrated value chain 

Because we are part of a farmers’ co-operative, we are able to offer a wide and varied selection of eggs. For example, we can meet the increasing demand for organic and locally produced raw materials, as well as end products that contain as few additives as possible. In addition, we can provide eggs laid by hens living in furnished cages, or by cage-free or free-range hens – just as the customer wants.

Our customers stick around

We have noticed that our business concept and products go the distance; we have worked with some of our biggest customers since our very beginnings in 1945. We are a flexible partner and a secure supplier, which is why our customers want to continue to develop their ranges with us.

Our egg products are used in many different types of pastries, sauces and dishes. Here are some examples.



Äggulamuffins äpplekanel.jpg

Powdered Egg A4   

Powdered Egg A4 is perfect for muffins and
other soft cakes.
20 kg bag

Measurements: 325 g A4 + 780 g water = 1,000 g whole egg mass + 105 g sugar

1,000 g A4 + 2,400 g water = 3,077 g whole egg mass + 323 g sugar  

Tårtanslag jordgubb 2.jpg

Powdered Egg A3

Powdered Egg A3 is a highly functional product that offers consistent quality and the same results every time. Great for cake bases.
15 kg bag

Measurements: 325 g A3 + 730 g water = 1,000 g whole egg mass + 55 g sugar

1,000 g A3 + 2,246 g water =
3,077 g whole egg mass + 169 g sugar

Äggulavaniljmunk 1.jpg

Patisserie Yolk

We supply liquid egg yolk to our customers in Scandinavia. Patisserie Yolk has a wide range of uses and is delivered in tanks.
600 kg tank

Measurements: 1,430 g Patisserie Yolk =
1,000 g egg yolks (50 yolks) + 430 g sugar

A9Vetebröd 1.jpg

Bakery Max A9      

Bakery Max is an excellent value egg powder which is great for bringing the colour and taste of eggs to biscuits or sweet pastries.
20 kg bag

Measurements: 1,000 g A9 + 1,600 g water =
2,480 g egg mass + 120 g sugar and glucose syrup

403 g A9 + 645 g water = 1,000 g egg mass + 48 g sugar and glucose syrup  


Whipping Whites     

Whipping Whites is one of our best-selling products, suitable for when good whipping ability is required.
15 kg bag

Reconstitution ratio: 1 kg egg white powder + 8 kg water =
9 kg egg whites

This product can be used in a 1:10 ratio with the same functionality.


Gel Whites       

Gel Whites has a good binding effect, for use in charcuterie and mince products. Egg whites are a natural binder and are rich in protein.
15 kg bag

Reconstitution ratio: 1 kg egg white powder + 8 kg water =
9 kg egg Whites

This product can be used in a 1:10 ratio with the same functionality.

Mayomax potatis dragon 2.jpg

Egg Yolk with 8% salt    

We supply liquid egg yolks to our customers in Scandinavia. Liquid egg yolk with salt makes a good base for mayonnaises and sauces.
850 kg tank

Measurements: 1.09 kg egg yolks with 8% salt =
1 kg egg yolks and 0.09 kg salt

Heläggpannkaka havtorn.jpg

Whole Egg Mass       

We supply liquid Whole Egg Mass to our Scandinavian customers. This product is the same as our own fresh, cracked eggs, but it has been pasteurised and homogenised.
1000 kg tank

Measurements: 1 dl whole egg mass =
2 eggs

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