Traceability all the way

Our business structure – we are part of Scandinavia’s largest egg co-operative – means that we can trace our products back to individual farmers where necessary. This gives us a real potential to manage the properties and functionality of our egg products, even down to the feed used.

Quality systems

Any business that produces food products is subject to rigorous monitoring from the authorities. But when it comes to bacteriological quality, hygiene, orderliness within the facility and improvement work, for example, it is often our customers that set even higher requirements.

In order to meet the very highest of quality requirements, we work as a team across professional categories, with a clear structure as concerns quality, food security and environmental work.

Quality control through certification

Our quality department plays a key role in this work, and to support this we use HACCP as well as quality controls through quality certifications. We are certified in accordance with FSSC 22000