From eggs to egg products

Everything under one roof

At Källbergs in Töreboda, we handle the entire processing chain, from fresh eggs to the finished end product. We crack, separate, spray dry, pasteurise and produce dry mixes here at our facility in Västra Götaland County. This makes us unique. No unnecessary transportation; no expensive intermediaries; always-traceable raw materials. Under one and the same roof. Since 1945.

Smooth and secure

Bringing the entire production process together in one place keeps costs down, reduces our environmental impact and ensures that all contact people are in the same place. This makes things smooth and secure for our customers.

We have the capacity to handle a dizzying 100,000 eggs per hour – 1.5 million eggs per day. We bring in eggs, and the entire process – from when the egg is cracked to when it leaves us – happens in a protected environment. Leftover eggshells from production go to help improve agricultural soil.

Cracking and separating

We use cutting edge technology, a recognised technology in the industry, to crack and separate the different parts of the egg. In recent years, we have updated much of our machinery to ensure better, more consistent quality, greater opportunities for control, increased capacity and – not least – a better working environment for our employees.

Experts in spray drying

At Källbergs, we are experts in spray drying. Over the years, we have developed both the technology and methods to dry a large number of food products; in addition to eggs, we also use drying to make fat and fruit powders, for example.

Through agglomeration, we can adjust the structure of the powder and thus produce powders with different flow and solubility properties to match the customer’s wishes.

Pasteurization and spray drying

We ensure the microbial quality of the end products through pasteurisation and by handling the eggs in a hygienic manner. The pasteurisation can be carried out before or after drying, depending on whether it is the egg yolk, egg white or the whole egg that is being dried.

For powdered egg whites, we use a heat treatment method that we are one of the only companies in the world to use. This method is highly effective and provides a high quality, homogenous end product; that is to say, the same good results, every time. For whole eggs and egg yolks, we use traditional pasteurisation.

Dry mixes for the bakery and mayonnaise industries

In our new production section, which is located in the southern part of our facility, we have three production lines where we mix dry ingredients. Our new mixings lines are state of the art and use the very latest technology.

Here we blend according to many different recipes – often unique to each customer we produce for – in sacks ranging from 5 kg up to 25 kg. The production lines are very flexible, and ingredients can be blended and delivered in anything from large to small bags. Certain recipes may contain up to 15 different ingredients, all blended to create a homogenous mix. The entire production process is monitored by skilled operators, who make regular checks and take samples of each batch produced for analysis. The lines have metal detectors.