Källbergs - experts in spray drying

Källbergs also offers a number of spray-dried ingredients
such as fat powders and fruit powders, which are used
by our customers in different types of food applications.


Fruit powders 

At Källbergs, we have been spray drying natural fruit concentrates to make highly soluble fruit powders for many years as part of our contract assignments. The knowledge that we have built up through this work means that we can now offer our own, self-produced fruit powders. These products are customer-driven and are available in custom packaging sizes for each batch. The fruits and berries that we can currently offer are strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, elderberry and apricot.

The advantages of using Källbergs’ fruit powders are that the raw materials are natural and readily soluble. Fruit powders are useful as both flavourings and natural colourings in things like protein shakes, ice creams and fruit fillings.

Fat powders

For many years we have been spray drying vegetable fats at our facility in Töreboda. We have, for example, pure fat powders that work well in things like baking mixes. We also have lactose-free fat powders. We can offer RSPO-certified raw materials as per the “Mass Balance” or “Segregated” classifications.

Within this product segment, we have also developed products for soups and sauces, known as “creamer-thickeners”.

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