Mayo-Max came into being through close collaboration with our customers,
and it has long been one of our most in-demand concepts.

– Today we supply
Mayo-Max products throughout the World.


Mayo-Max - the flexible solution

Mayonnaise and mayonnaise-based sauces are available in endless varieties, all around the world. From classics like mayonnaise and béarnaise sauce, to local varieties that have been flavoured with fish. Our Mayo-Max concept includes egg-based ingredients, mayonnaise mixes and a range of additive-free egg-based ingredients known as “clean label” products.

Custom packaging

We can supply Mayo-Max in bags ranging from 5 kg to 20 kg. When it is time to produce the mayonnaise or sauce, it is simply a matter of opening the bag, pouring it out, adding oil and mixing. Done!

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Many variables to fine tune for the end product

Different countries have different ideas of what the perfect mayonnaise should be, and Källbergs has focused on building up a deep knowledge of the field. Through our development work, we have gained a good knowledge of different food cultures and of ways of adapting products to fit these. There are many variables that need to be fine-tuned. Should the end product be of a firm or loose consistency? Should the mayonnaise be white or more yellow in tone? Should it be glossy or matt? Should it be possible to freeze it? Or heat it? How creamy should it be? Together with our customers, we identify the important product characteristics that will then become the starting point for our joint product development work. From this, we have, among other things, developed egg products that meet the requirements for heat and freeze/thaw stability in the end product.

Traceability is important 

We use traceable raw materials and perform careful checks of our suppliers. We regularly check the products produced in our laboratory. Before Mayo-Max leaves us at Källbergs in Töreboda for delivery to one of our customers around the world, we ensure that the customer is getting what we have agreed.


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