Contract production

A flexible and experienced partner


With over 70 years’ experience of spray drying, we are experts in our industry. We are the obvious choice for customers who want to develop or improve products that involve spray drying. At our facilities here in Töreboda, we have the equipment and technical know-how needed to create agglomerated powders of very high quality with regard to solubility, flowability, taste and more. We produce a wide range of products, including fat, fruit and protein powders, as well as starch-based powders that add creaminess to powder-based soups and sauces. Källbergs produces and develops spray-dried products for use in foods, pharmaceuticals and pet foods, among other applications.



Pilot facility for test production


Our flexible pilot facility for spray drying was designed with industrial research and scientific test work in mind. The dryer can be used with a fluidising bed, which makes it possible to produce agglomerated, easily soluble powders. 

We offer a step-by-step development process, from testing in our laboratory to pre-production and final industrial production. Källbergs is a devoted partner, dedicated to helping customers to develop products. Our customers’ integrity is key to everyone that works here.

“Källbergs has the experience and expertise to support the development and optimisation of recipes for spray drying. We have a well-thought-out working model that quickly identifies needs and problems before each new project. We are there to offer our expertise throughout the entire development process. We test and assess the finished product based on the technical specifications agreed upon. With us, the customer gets concrete results and a basis on which to make their decisions as regards the product’s full-scale production and launch,”


says Christer Rosén, who has worked at Källbergs since the end of the 90s, with a primary focus on R&D. He is currently also visiting senior lecturer at the department of food technology at Lund University.


Källbergs Industri AB Post/Parcels: Box 73, 545 22 Töreboda, Sweden Visitors: Skövdevägen 25, 545 31 Töreboda, Sweden Tel +46 (0)506 485 00

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