Choux pastry mixes

Our choux pastry mixes
make work in bakeries and patisseries easier

Creating a choux pastry recipe that works in industrial use is a complicated matter. In the 1960s, the Källberg brothers discovered a solution that was a success, giving consistent results and good quality products every time it was baked. Since then, Källbergs has been essentially the only company in the industry able to produce choux pastry mixes that, regardless of what is being baked (be it éclairs, profiteroles, Paris-Brest or French crullers), give the same good results time after time.

In many of its business areas, Källbergs works with a long-term view. We have offered RSPO-certified palm oil since 2014. We are now continuing to set even higher standards for our palm oil suppliers, and as of 2016 we are able to offer the RSPO “Segregated” classification.


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Our unique range

At our facility in Töreboda we take care of the entire production chain. From the egg, through the spray drying process, to the ready dry mix – which is often unique for each customer. We work with some of the world’s biggest producers of bakery mixes and have customers throughout the world.

Ideas of how the end products from choux pastry mixes should look and taste vary from country to country, which is why we develop recipes to fit each customer’s needs. Most of the time, the mixes are packaged and labelled with the customer’s own branding before they even leave us.



Why use a ready mix?

Making choux pastry from scratch requires a lot of time, as well as a talented pastry chef or baker. A ready mix simplifies things. Källbergs’ choux pastry mixes are easy to use. Simply add water, stir, pipe the mix out – manually or industrially – and bake. Done! When making a dough from scratch, you need space in which to store eggs, fats and other ingredients. Our mix can be stored in a cool, dry place for up to eight months, without any impact on quality. With our choux pastry mixes, you get the same results bake after bake, without any unnecessary waste. At Källbergs, we test-bake every product to ensure that the end product is what our customers are expecting. Our customers are everything from small, individual bakeries that want to simplify their work processes and put more time towards creative fillings and toppings, to big industries and wholesalers who want to be able to deliver a stable, secure and easy-to-use product.

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