The core of our business is – and has always been – eggs. It is with eggs as our raw material that we have built up our skills and unique range of Products.


Our owners are important suppliers of raw materials

Since 2003, Källbergs has been part of the Danaeg Group, which is first and foremost an egg co-operative owned by 70 egg producers. Today, the DLG Group is also on board, with a 45% stake in our business. Naturally, these provide an important supplier base for our raw materials.As we are owned by egg producers, we can have a direct impact on how the eggs are produced and request exactly what it is that the market wants. This includes, for example, eggs from hens with special forms of housing, cage-free or organic eggs.This, combined with the fact we are the only company in Sweden that dries egg products, makes us a truly flexible company. We offer several egg products which no other company on the market is able to produce.


From Töreboda to the world

The whole world is our market, and this is true of both purchasing and sales. Källbergs’ network of suppliers and customers has always been – and still is – a global one. This ensures that we will always have access to raw materials, even when there are supply shortages or dips in quality. That fact we at Källbergs work internationally means that we can share our experience with players in other countries – something that is important for our own as well as our customers’ development.

For the customer, quality and punctuality are what counts

In our ongoing customer surveys, we have seen that what is most important for the customer is that the deliveries arrive on time and that the product be of the right quality, every time. At Källbergs, we prioritise long-term, sustainable relationships with both customers and suppliers. This provides security for the entire business.


Own quality control

To live up to our customers’ high demands of quality, we perform our own audits on-site at our suppliers’ facilities. As such, we ensure that they understand what Källbergs’ requirements mean for them in their everyday work. Every delivery to Källbergs must meet our requirements – without exception.



Would you like to get in touch with our purchasing department?

Källbergs Industri AB Post/Parcels: Box 73, 545 22 Töreboda, Sweden Visitors: Skövdevägen 25, 545 31 Töreboda, Sweden Tel +46 (0)506 485 00

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