Quality is one of Källbergs’ key guiding principles, and constant improvement work is a standard aspect of life for everyone that works here.


Quality systems

Any business that produces food products is subject to rigorous monitoring from the authorities. But when it comes to bacteriological quality, hygiene, orderliness within the facility and improvement work, for example, it is often our customers that set even higher requirements.

This is increasingly the case for us at Källbergs as we work with egg products – which are viewed by customers and the authorities as something of a risk ingredient. In order to meet the very highest of quality requirements, we work as a team across professional categories, with a clear structure as concerns quality, food security and environmental work.

Quality control through certification

Our quality department plays a key role in this work, and to support this we use HACCP as well as quality controls through quality certifications. In June 2016, we were certified in accordance with FSSC 22000. 


In order to assure our products in line with legal requirements and those of our customers, we have our own laboratory in which we conduct microbial, chemical and functional analyses. 

Traceability all the way

Our business structure – we are part of Scandinavia’s largest egg co-operative – means that we can trace our products back to individual farmers where necessary. This gives us a real potential to manage the properties and functionality of our egg products, even down to the feed used. As such, we can meet very specific requirements from customers who would like their hens to eat special feed – for example to ensure more yellow yolks, or so that the eggs will contain a higher proportion of omega-3 fatty acids.



At Källbergs, we actively pursue our environmental work. In recent years, we have made big investments into our energy use, among other things. Fuel oil used to be our sole energy source, but since 2015 we have ceased to use this, replacing it with LPG and district heating. Through investments into heat recovery, we have also reduced our total energy needs. In all, this has resulted in a reduction in our carbon dioxide emissions of over 30%.

What happens to all the eggshells?

A common question we get is what happens to the eggshells after we crack our eggs. Life cycle thinking is important to us, and eggshells are very good soil improvers. We are happy that for many years we have had farmers around Töreboda who regularly make use of our eggshells for that very purpose.

After cracking, all eggshells are centrifuged. The egg mass that we extract is concentrated, and makes for excellent pig feed.

Reduced discharge into drains

For many years, we have also focused on reducing our discharge into drains. Since 2005, we have reduced our BOD emissions by roughly 50%, and in 2017 we will invest in an equalisation basin to reduce these levels even further. This work is being carried out in close collaboration with Töreboda municipality.

Palm oil from sustainable sources

At Källbergs, we were quick to take a stance on the palm oil issue, as palm oil is an important ingredient in parts of our range. We have been RSPO-certified since 2014 as per the “Mass Balance” classification. In 2016, we will be able to offer our customers the RSPO “Segregated” classification, which provides even more support in the work towards a better environment in the countries where palm oil is produced.

Long-term environment work

For Källbergs, it is obvious that we should work for an environment that is sustainable in the long term. That is why in 2016 we are marketing and broadening our range of KRAV-labelled and organic products alike.


Källbergs' certifications


We are since 2016 FSSC 22000 certified.

We have products that are organic or KRAV certified.

We have been RSPO-certified since 2014. We are certified for both the "Mass Balance" and "Segregated" classifications.

Many of are products are Kosher-certified.

Many of our Products are also Halal-certified

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