Our Vision

Everyone wants to be a part of us

Our Mission

We are the small yet global food company
from Töreboda, offering a superb
knowledge of egg products since 1945

Inspired and driven, we are always
working to develop top quality,
tailor-made solutions

Everyone wants to be a part of us


Källbergs' history


Our story goes back to the middle of the 1940s, when Stig Källberg was changing trains in Töreboda after a meeting in Stockholm. Luck had it that Stig then met Gottfrid Lundvall, the stationmaster at Töreboda station. Lundvall was active in local politics, and told Stig that there was a good plot of land for sale nearby, in a prime location between the railway and the through road. Lundvall successfully convinced Stig to go and see the plot there and then. Stig later went home to discuss the situation with his father and brother, Lennart.

Stig and Lennart Källberg, the founders of Källbergs Industri AB


The two brothers had, together with their father Alfred, previously owned a company in the dairy industry. After his death, Alfred Källberg was named the “Grand Old Man” of the dairy industry by the trade press. In the end, the sons’ choice was for dried products, and they decided to buy the land in Töreboda and build their business there. The Second World War had just ended, and elsewhere in Europe there was a great need for durable food products. Källbergs got off to a flying start.

The company remained in family ownership until 1982. Now Källbergs is 55% owned by Danaeg, which is made up of Swedish and Danish egg producers. The remaining 45% is owned by the DLG Group of Danish grain farmers.

Alfred Källberg was one of the first people in Sweden to spray dry milk to form a powder, and he was a pioneer of a more commercial, larger-scale production. As a result, he is sometimes known as “the father of spray drying in Sweden”. He started to work on spray drying technology, an expertise that he then passed on down the generations. Källbergs is not only an expert in the spray drying of eggs; over the years, many different products have been dried here. Nowadays, we dry different types of fat, fruit and berries, among other things.


Källbergs to continue expanding


Källbergs has been developing and refining egg-based products for over 70 years. We are at the cutting edge of product development and innovation. Our goal is to continue to expand both in Sweden and abroad, and to become a world leader when it comes to processed powdered egg products.


Källbergs Industri AB Post/Parcels: Box 73, 545 22 Töreboda, Sweden Visitors: Skövdevägen 25, 545 31 Töreboda, Sweden Tel +46 (0)506 485 00

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